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This Life Gives Me No Peace. why only me?

By oscar mulwaPublished 29 days ago 2 min read
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. life why only me

In tears I write, the tale of my pain,

Have been silent for long, but now,

Let me express myself, in a poem,

Life, why only me.

In the shadows of my dreams, I reside,

Why me? Oh, the tears I've cried.

Failure's grasp, a relentless tide,

In darkness, why me.

Beneath a smile, a tear so thin,

My heart breaks, beneath the skin.

Struggling, striving, unable to win,

Spending sleepless nights, hungry,

Every effort lost, why me.

Where once hope was, now lies decay,

Life's cruel blows, won't go away.

I wear a mask, just to smile a day,

Yet inside! Why me.

No shoulder to lean on, no one to trust

My love, directed to a friend, mistrust.

Once so dear, but now a ghost

How we shared. Life, why me.

Now, alone I seek solace in my plea,

With God, in silence we discus.

In need none, for all betrayed me.

The more I try, life, why me

This life is so hard, for me,

Though I try, failure gossip me,

I cry I cry, but who hears me,

I give up , but no. God ,

Life, why only me

in corners so dark, where whispers dwell,

the wind howls at me, so cold out,

I want to give up, but no! life why only me

where suffering reigns, so mighty than I can;

life finds victory over me,

so broke, no tea, no meal, nothing at all

life why only me?

mountains rise with daunting grace,

peaks shrouded infrustratese,

I climb, fearless, courageous,

with hands worn and rough,

each step so hard, yet just enough,

life why only m?.

deserts so dry, forests so dense,

I journey onwards, climbing the fence,

of doubt, fear, racism, loss and grief,

through the storm I transverse.

life, I will conquer you.

In moments where despair will reign, I seek beauty amidst the pain,

though harsh, is wondrous still, with every challenge, find my will.

life, I will conquer you.

I will navigate, to lands unknown, where my mind finds pleasure,

where dreams come true, and happiness is free.

life, I will conquer you.

in the end, it's a journey we take,

through the harshness, the choices we make,

become a guiding compass, and so I promise myself the best,

life, I will conquer you.

I promise.

choices shape our souls, and curve our fate, and destiny.

Dodging life's harshness and brutality needs courage and,

strong will moving inside man, then find the gate.

life, I will conquer you.

I promise.

and so I dance, through day and night,

dodging the darkness, embracing the light,

with every heartbeat, every stride,

navigating through, life's tumultuous tide.

life, I will conquer you.

And emerge a winner.

I promise.

In the end, it's the journey we take,

through the harshness of this entire life, no giving up,

no surrender, we fight,

until we get a limelight of greatness, in our minds.

life, I will conjure you.

and become a winner.

I promise.

to the world where dreams unite, where even in darkness,

there is the guiding light, life harshness,

though fierce and strong,

is but a verse in our endless song.

I conquer

I promise,

till I become a winner.


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oscar mulwa

Hi, Oscar is a writer with a deep love for storytelling and a keen interest in creative writing. I write content ranging from articles, blogs, poems, and scientific research, my goal is to entertain, educate, and inform my readers. welcome

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    oscar mulwaWritten by oscar mulwa

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