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Life on the Borderline

The Worm of Mental Health

By Tim StiXPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Noxious Worm drilled the fragile one by Tim StiX

Invertebrate tombed in the dark nadir

Wrestles in its sleep

Worm of lore, covets gore, brain to bore, tender core

Wrenches free from slumberland

With precious souls to reap

Mythical foe of Clan’s Folk calls

To children in their beds

Tender years, awake in tears, Sandman’ fears, covered ears

Teasing from the bravest souls

But the youngest quake in dread

Noxious worm at the end of the world

Breaks out into the sun

Scours the plane, seeking brain, causing pain, stealing sane

Finds prey on the Borderline

And drills the Fragile One


Images by Tim StiX


I wrote this poem in July 2018, during one of many stays in a Mental Health Clinic.

The Artwork came first. I think it took a few days to draw the skull because my concentration was compromised.

I wrote the poem one evening before night-time meds. And as you can see, it must have been a dark time.

A short poem exorcising the thoughts from of my brain. The original was just one verse, a Moment in Time, but I have expanded it to fit the constraints of publishing.

Images by Tim StiX

I don't know if there is a lesson, or anything at all, that anyone else can take from this experience on paper.

Images by Tim StiX

Except possibly, that drawing, painting, writing, composing, or anything that helps get the thoughts, out-of-your-head. Can drag you back from the Borderline.

Tim StiX March 2021

Tim StiX is The Sober Bard on Vocal

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About the Creator

Tim StiX

Tim StiX alias Tim Styx. Manic Master of The Internet of Things and The Sober Bard.


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