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Life of Flowers

a story about growing up

By Sylvia RogersPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Life of Flowers
Photo by Nikki Son on Unsplash

Above all, there have always been flowers

Lilies, roses, clovers, and buttercups

And I miss the sights of them well

Pretty colors, buds the size of teacups

I remember that childhood

Filled with lobelias and lavender

Innocence that I had

Believing in some great handler

Now with the the killing of all

Murder of tulips and marigold

Destruction of the natural

And our minds truly sold

Age has gone, and age has taken

I still think back to the aster

Wrinkles the size of mountains

Time my great master

Life wrapped around my neck

On my grave a single flower

It would please me greatly

For my final hour

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Sylvia Rogers

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