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Life Is The Greatest Blessing -Loss Is The Biggest Heartache.

Inverse Poetry Challenge

By Cathy DeslippePublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Life Is The Greatest Blessing -Loss Is The Biggest Heartache.
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

A new life has been brought into the world.

Life is the most precious gift of all.

Living, exploring and finding interesting things.

Meeting new people, travelling to new places.

'Life" is the opportunity to make dreams come true.

No one teaches us how to grieve.

No time to turn back the clocks.

Memories of photos and music.

A gravestone and name with flowers.

"Loss" is the hardest part of losing love.

By Dev Asangbam on Unsplash


About the Creator

Cathy Deslippe

Catherine Deslippe

At the age of 7, I became an author. I am an international writer with many authors; all royalties went to cancer patients without insurance. I used to write to cope, but now I write to bring others hope.

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  • Lindsay Sfara4 months ago

    I love the imagery used to show two sides of the coin about life and love. Well done!

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