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Life in its entirety

To be or not to be

By Hridya SharmaPublished 5 months ago 2 min read

How ecstatic it is to have the power to express yourself and yet not be able to communicate with efficiency and clarity. Humans are bestowed with the gift of conversational abilities, the knack of talking about ideas, views, thoughts, emotions and experiences yet we are the ones that always let the air of misunderstanding settle amidst our relationships. Life in its entirety is measured less with your possessions of materiality and more with how many moments of joy, sadness, pain and anger have you experienced, who you share it with and how contented you are at the end of the day with yourself.

Often the pomp and show we engage with, belies the truth that some part of you is not happy with the existence you stride in. The ones who are living their best life need no validation to live their best. Confidence and completeness are often silent in their endeavours, needing no external approval on their existence, they carry their actions on the grounds of what makes them happy and not on what someone else beholds for them. Whereas insecurity and low self-esteem are often belated with the loudness of every step they take, they seek constant validation and approval of what they think and want to be noticed and appraised by everyone. It is often the inner world that leads us into chaos in the externality

The gift of expression often transcends into the menace of self-doubt helps you understand where you are lacking. The world that surrounds us is often a reflection of what dwells in our being. To love yourself with guilt and shame of choosing something that doesn't coincide with the approval of others often implies you not being true to yourself. To be at peace with yourself lies in the truthful conversation with yourself, am I being true to myself, is this my most authentic self or am I just trying to conceal the parts of me that I am ashamed about with layers of glorious moments that make me look less troubled in the public eye?

You don't need anybody’s permission to leave the place, person or community that does not let you be your best self.

To step into your radiating light,

You must heal your darkest parts

And hone your uniqueness with pride

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    Hridya SharmaWritten by Hridya Sharma

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