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Life in a Haze

by Kristine Hammond 4 months ago in sad poetry
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(without her)

Unknown photographer

Today is just another one of those days
Waking up late still in a haze
I brushed my hair and put some makeup on
Faking happy like this is quite a con
Found that dress that reminds me of you
The matching heels you love them too
A Smile on my face as I walk out into the world
A world so cold yet hot as hell without my little girl.
I say I'm stronger I will get thru today
Won't let the loss and pain take my joy away
Walking with my head held high
Cause she is the apple of my eye
I sing our songs like we used to
Cause I'm always thinking of you.
My world my life will never be the same
My struggle is real, it's not a game
So I tell the world and I tell myself that I'll be alright
But I always cry as I lay down at night
The weakest days and the strongest days merge twist and blend
Feels like this nightmare will never end
It's only been about 6 months now
Yet feels like yesterday when I was asking how
How many more nights will we cry
How many more lies will be lied
how long will I have to wait til you're by my side
how will you know I'll Love You til the day I die
I can only hope that my prayer you'll hear
And you'll seek me out on your 18th year
Til then, today is just another one of those days
When I wake up late still in a haze

sad poetry

About the author

Kristine Hammond

As a lover of arts and the the truth I enjoy writing. It allows me to express myself while sharing life lessons, precious moments and even the unspeakable moments through my poetry.

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