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Life and me

A poem

By Nathasha aktharPublished 8 days ago 1 min read
Life we living

In the grand tapestry of life, we weave,

With every challenge, we learn to believe.

For in the struggles that we face each day,

We find the strength to light our way.

I love this life game, its twists and turns,

The lessons it teaches, the wisdom it earns.

It gives me a purpose, a reason to strive,

To keep pushing forward, to feel truly alive.

With every obstacle that comes my way,

I see an opportunity, a brighter day.

The hurdles I face, they make me strong,

And in this life's journey, I truly belong.

I'll never give up, I'll stand tall and fight,

With determination and all of my might.

For in the heart of struggle, I find my grace,

And I'll cherish this life, in every embrace.

So I'll embrace each challenge, with a loving heart,

Knowing that it's the struggles that set us apart.

With every hurdle, we grow and we thrive,

In this beautiful game of life, we'll always survive.

In the game of life, I play my part,

Faced challenges, but they shaped my heart.

Through ups and downs, I found my way,

Stronger and kinder with every new day.

Obstacles came, but I stood tall,

In their shadows, I found my call.

They tested me, made my spirit tough,

But in their midst, I've had enough.

Love for life, a flame inside,

With each challenge, it did not hide.

It made me strong, it made me kind,

In this life game, joy I find.

So here I am, in life's grand scheme,

Overcame hurdles, chased my dream.

The game goes on, with twists and turns,

But in each challenge, a lesson learned.

For challenges make me who I am,

A person strong, a better jam.

With love for life, in my heart's frame,

Grateful for every challenge, in life's game.


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Nathasha akthar

World with fantasy

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