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Disappeared Plane landed 37 years later

The Plane That Time Travelled

By Nathasha aktharPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard Flight 914! Please fasten your seatbelts and observe the no-smoking sign — we will take off in 5 minutes. When we reach cruising altitude, refreshments will be served. Our flight will take 37 years. I wish you a pleasant trip.

Imagine going on vacation to a city and suddenly finding yourself in another country altogether. While adventurous types might enjoy such a change of plans, most of us would be understandably confused. Now, picture flying for close to half a century.

On July 2, 1955, as Pan American Flight 914 embarks on a routine journey from New York to Miami, Florida. With 57 passengers and crew aboard, the flight was expected to be uneventful, with passengers anticipating the warm beaches and palm trees of Miami. However, after three hours in the air, something inexplicable occurred—the plane disappeared from radars, and all communication ceased. The control tower in Miami received no distress signals, and the aircraft seemingly blinked out of existence.

In the aftermath of the disappearance, a thorough investigation was initiated. The flight's route took it over the Atlantic Ocean, prompting initial assumptions that it had crashed somewhere along the way. Rescue teams were deployed, and the Coast Guard scoured the waters, but no wreckage was found. The mystery deepened as the aircraft, its passengers, and crew seemed to have vanished without a trace. With no conclusive evidence, an official statement was eventually released, declaring the plane lost and everyone on board presumed dead.

Fast forward to September 9, 1992, in Caracas, Venezuela—a seemingly ordinary day for air traffic controller Juan de la Corte. However, his routine took a bizarre turn when a mysterious blip appeared on the radar. Within minutes, an antiquated DC-4 McDonnell Douglas passenger aircraft materialized before their eyes. What struck the control tower as peculiar was that the aircraft, resembling Pan Am Flight 914, was equipped with propellers instead of modern turbines.

As the air traffic controllers struggled to comprehend this anomaly, the pilot of the mysterious aircraft made contact with the tower in English. To the astonishment of those in charge, the pilot claimed to be Pan Am Flight 914, scheduled to land in Miami on July 2, 1955. The control tower, led by Juan de la Corte, engaged in a surreal conversation with the pilot, attempting to make sense of this time-defying revelation. Despite skepticism, the tower cleared the plane for landing, and the bewildering encounter continued.

Time-Traveling Confusion:

As ground units were dispatched to assist the plane upon landing, Juan de la Corte posed a question that would add another layer of confusion to the already perplexing situation. "Do you know today is May 21, 1992?" he asked the pilot. The response, or lack thereof, left the air control tower in stunned silence. The pilot claimed to be unaware of the current date, reinforcing the notion that the flight had somehow traversed time.

The Abrupt Departure:

With ground crews approaching the aircraft, the inexplicable took another turn. The pilot, displaying signs of panic, abruptly restarted the engines, bypassed take-off clearance, and taxied the plane to the runway. Ignoring pleas from the control tower to stop, the pilot accelerated, took off, and vanished into the sky once again, leaving behind a sense of bewilderment and disbelief.

A Questionable Legend:

While the tale of Pan American Flight 914 has persisted and captured the fascination of many, its credibility has long been a subject of debate. The story first surfaced in 1985 through the pages of the Weekly World News, a tabloid known for its sensational and often fictional stories. Subsequent retellings varied in details, casting doubt on the authenticity of the entire narrative.

The Missing Evidence:

One of the glaring challenges in accepting the story as truth is the lack of concrete evidence. Despite claims of a mysterious pocket calendar from 1955 left on the Caracas airport runway, no verifiable artifacts or documentation have surfaced to support the existence of Pan American Flight 914 or its purported time-traveling escapade.

The Persistence of Urban Legend:

While critical examination points towards a concoction of fiction, the legend of Flight 914 lives on. Some versions of the tale even suggest that the passengers returned to their homes without having aged a day, adding a layer of sci-fi intrigue. Yet, these elements lack substantiated proof, relegating them to the realm of speculative storytelling.


The saga of Pan American Flight 914 exists as a testament to the enduring allure of mysterious and fantastical narratives. While skepticism shrouds its credibility, the story continues to capture the imagination of those intrigued by the possibility of time travel. As we navigate the realms of urban legends and fantastical tales, the story of Flight 914 remains an intriguing, if not entirely verifiable, chapter in the collective consciousness of those who dare to explore the boundaries of the unknown.

While the tale of Flight 914 lost in time captures the imagination, its veracity remains uncertain. Was it a real-life time-traveling incident, an elaborate hoax, or an enduring urban legend? As with many mysterious stories, the truth may remain elusive.


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