by FAITH LOVEY 8 months ago in sad poetry

Life is a puzzle.


life is an unsolved puzzle

that go right to the drama with a lot of fighting and all

Well you might have a lot of twists and turns whatever you do

don't let your heart burn

this puzzle is endless

it's a lifetime of the despair

A Lot of things will happen

even when you're not there

most of the time you will be stuck in a rut and

when you get out you'll be wishing to be done but hang in there

it will get better

don't give up

we can do this together

and I'll be there every step of the way

we can fight this puzzle a little bit everyday

Even though your mind is empty

And the world is weary

you can try to say something but

nobody can hear me

I feel all alone

like everyone is gone and I wait so long

for the world to turn back to the home

you hear that

the world's going bad

and it's not the same

like it was time back

I'm going to empty inside

like I'm going out of my mind

I don't know what to do so

I turned to my faith because that's the only one who will be there every day….

sad poetry
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