Life is a lot like lemonade

The water is your base, this is your parents and your family. Your parents gave you life, brought you into this beautiful messed up world. Everybody needs their family, we'd be nothing without our families. They guide us, teach us right from wrong. We need them to show us how to live on our own. There is no substitute for water.

The lemon makes up the sour parts of your life. This is heartbreak, maybe moving away from a best friend, whatever bad you have had in your life, that's the lemon. You need lemon, its sour but that's where the flavor comes from. Your personality is the flavor. All the bad that's happened to you, needed to happen to help push your personality to develop. Lemonade needs its flavor.

The sugar is the love in your life. Some have a little, making them tart. A sort of grudge if you will, not enjoying life, always negative. Some have a lot of sugar, making them too loving of a person, easily broken. Too emotional, these people take everything said to them personally. This makes it very hard for them to grow into the person they're supposed to be. Too much sugar can ruin the lemonade, you need sugar. Just the right amount though, and nobody's perfect everybody has their own taste, you just have to make it yourself, with what you have.

Life is a lot like lemonade, if you really think about it.

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Ally Patton

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