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by Danielle Mosley 4 months ago in heartbreak
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A poem on heartbreak

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

All you are is a liar.

You told me when we last spoke

you would never hurt me again.

You lie about everything.

You lie about who you really love.

When you told me you were with the guys

I should have known.

I knew you could not be trusted to tell me the truth.

All I expected was your honesty.

If you were honest

you would have my trust.

You are my beloved.

You were my everything.

I feel I have to now let go of what I've loved for so long.

I have felt love so deeply for you for such a long time.

Ever since we were young.

I have given myself to you faithfully.

I have been loyal to you and honest.

You were the first man I've ever loved.

The only man I have ever loved.

But now it's time to start over.

I now must find myself someone new.

Someone to trust.

Because all you are is a liar.

One I will not settle for.


About the author

Danielle Mosley

I've enjoyed writing and reading ever since I was in grade school. I'm looking forward to making a career out of my talent as a writer. If you like any of my articles be sure to share them and leave me a tip. Any type of support is great!

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  • Kelli Sheckler-Amsden4 months ago

    Aww man, I hope this is just a poem. If not, I appreciate your sharing. That kind of hurt, tragically makes for the best poems. I have a few of my own - hugs

  • Heather Hubler4 months ago

    Well done! I appreciated the rawness and emotion in this and really liked the way you finished it with a sense of self-care :)

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