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Let your True Colors Soar

True Colors Poem

By Eryn MillikenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Perky in Pink

Let your True Colors Soar

Born a babe with hair of flame

My mother knew then I would never be tame.

Together with eyes most definitely gray,

She hoped they would forever with me stay.

As happens with life, neither did last,

Eventually becoming part of my past.

My hair to auburn quickly did go,

Though my eyes’ change to green was surely more slow.

At 15, a friend held out a bottle of hair dye

And, oh joy!, the colors did fly!

Even if not all were impressed

Once, my hair even matched my purple prom dress!

When as an adult I entered the workforce,

They told me, “No crazy colors, of course!”

So with a new box and a great heavy sigh

For many long years, I bid my colors goodbye.

Now, with my child at home I do stay,

And my inner riot of color I no longer betray.

With sweet smelling promise from bottles so bright

In pink, purple, red, or blue I always delight!

Whether for mood, holiday, or season,

My hair color changes for so many a reason!

I no longer worry if someone is not impressed

Because my inner me is more fully expressed.

The point of my story is to beg and implore:

Find some way, any way, to let your true colors soar!

Aquamarine Queen


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