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Lavender Wall

Breeze of beginnings

By Amy ChristiePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Photo credit: Pixabay

Purple is everywhere,

in hearts, in smiles, in laughter

you hear it in the words,

the half-said song,

the tune

that makes you want to step

out in the sunshine

eager to meet the morning stars

ready for the velvet embrace

that night unfolds to welcome you

into the land

of wishes to become.


Starting on a new path

doesn’t mean letting go

it’s a crossroads, continuing

into a different realm

where you are still the person

who smiled and looked at petals,

not crushing or deceiving

those who entrusted you

with wishes and support.


The strings, accords

of new beginnings

come from the starting day

when you first learned to breathe, to look,

and to reach for what makes you

one with nature

and the spirit

of kind love that lives on

in everything you touch.


Lavender scent preserves, it guards

the places and people you love

they stay close to your heart

they can’t get lost at night when fog,

or unforgiving storms

seem ready to turn all your memories

to dust, stone, a new slab

where nothing waits or beckons

to the sunshine.


Trust lavender,

it kills moths

and the phantoms

of the past.

It only lets good thoughts come through

the will to help, to love, to cherish,

and go on spreading wings

for all the butterflies

of wishes

you can touch on your way

to the next peak

of wisdom.


Purple unites light

with the gray

it brings a trusted path,

guides steps and hearts to roads

where light and joy await.

Let it become a part of you,

the purple that you hold inside

is a key to the happiness

that starts with you.

Hold hands with kindred spirits

fulfilling confidence,

tearing down walls

that only held you trapped

because you thought they were

unbreakable granite.


With lavender as guide

you can touch the horizon

paint hues on skies, tread deepest water

and still, belong with you,

the one you are today,

the child, the grown-up,

the friend of all lost dreams

that find a new home

in your smile.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

Originally published on Medium.


About the Creator

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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