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Lady Birch

Full Moon Challenge

By Shea DunlopPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
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Once, came a dream

You transformed into a birch tree,

The delicate curse of a sprite.

Humanoid stayed your limbs,

Your caramel sunned skin

Papering in the soft light.

Elongating fingers,

Betulan splinters,

Giving you quite the fright,

Crying tears of thick sap

You begged to turn back,

But the curse was bound too tight.

A crown rose from your skull

And after a lull

The sprite wickedly laughed in delight.

Changed you were,

And for all you deterred,

You wouldn’t walk home that night.


With your trunk in my arms,

Bark pressed to my palms,

I knew everything was alright.

Though you’d rooted to the spot,

Your fright was for naught,

For the forest would keep you alive.


Dedicated to Elise.

nature poetrysurreal poetry

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Shea Dunlop

Short stories, anecdotes, and niche interests.

Searching for the meaning of life or maybe just $4 to get an everything bagel with cream cheese.

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  • Sylvie Vidrineabout a year ago

    What a beautiful poem dedicated to a dear friend.

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