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The Best Four Letter Word

By Jim GavenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Love, the feelings of passion and desire,

Love, singing a song like "Ring of Fire",

Love, a pounding heart might skip a beat,

Love, it makes you feel so light on your feet,

Love, it's floating somewhere in the air,

Love, it can come from anyone anywhere,

Love, it starts within your soul at first,

Love, the sight of you makes my eyes burst,

Love, the gentle touch of fingertips,

Love, a hand, a hug, a kiss on the lips,

Love, the butterflies inside are so alive,

Love, without it you would surely die,

Love, when given isn't taken for granted,

Love, it's hard to always understand it,

Love, it's something you don't want to miss,

Love, the best four letter word that exists.

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About the Creator

Jim Gaven

My mission is to write inspirational stories that make you feel good about yourself, put a smile on your face, and think of things in a different way.




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