by Kat Garcia about a year ago in love poems

Maybe there is such thing as happy endings.


I used to believe that there were no happy endings,

that every fairy tale ever told were adults just pretending.

I fell in love once with a prince that always had me melting,

only to realize that his actions I always seemed to be defending.

From then on, I became the evil witch.

Every guy that fell in love with me I always seemed to ditch.

Honestly, let's not sugar coat this, I was a cold and cruel bitch.

Until I met this young man, and in me he flipped a switch.

At first I thought he was just like all the rest.

He told his tales and acted well, but I was simply not impressed.

And then one day he held my hand and his love he confessed,

this man was not a prince, he was a king at heart, and I was undoubtedly


love poems
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