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Kashmir - Land of Enchantment

Beauty and Culture of Kashmir

By Shams Ul QammarPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Forever and Only Love

Kashmir, the land of lofty peaks,

Kashmir, where heaven on earth meets,

Kashmir, where the sky kisses the land,

Kashmir, where nature's beauty is so grand.

Kashmiri folks, with hearts full of love,

Kashmir, where divinity reigns above,

Kashmiri arts, with intricate details,

Kashmir, where every moment unveils.

Kashmiri cuisine, with its heavenly taste,

Kashmir, where cultural heritage is embraced,

Kashmiri music, with its soulful melody,

Kashmir, where every soul needs to feels free.

Kashmiri shawls, with its fine thread,

Kashmir, where history and myth are wed,

Kashmiri gardens, with flowers in bloom,

Kashmir, where life is a blissful room.

Kashmiri lakes, with their sparkling blue,

Kashmir, where nature's magic comes through,

Kashmiri people, with their hospitable heart,

Kashmir, where peace is a work of art.

Kashmir, a place of wonder and delight,

Kashmir, where every moment is bright,

Kashmir, a paradise on earth,

Kashmir, where nature's beauty is of great worth.

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About the Creator

Shams Ul Qammar

I'm a psyche student who loves raising awareness about mental health. Together we can delve into the world of mental health issues. My responses will be based on my studies. Let's embark on this journey of exploration together!

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