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Kaleidoscopic Whispers Of Clarity

Is This Dreamland Or Actuality?

By Human 💎Published about a year ago • Updated about a year ago • 1 min read

Waking up on a mission,

Like this dream has ignited an intuitive demand.

Gasping upon awakening

Driven by the force that rest has provoked,

Clarity to questions that unknowingly needed answers.

Exploring the subconscious during slumber

Opens up a distorted and mystical world,

Unleashing hidden messages

Typically lost in the web of jumbled brainwaves of everyday life,

Matted together like tangled headphones

Sleep energy drilling through the web

To set free the inner truth that lurks there.

Launched from the ruts of normal perception

Altered state of being

Entering an unconventional life dimension

Like that of falling in love

Unique indescribable feeling.

Dreamy swirly transcendence

Where outer and inner worlds combine

In the dainty pocket of a sleepy brain

Access beyond standard availability

Reality where words, notions, and codes have no meaning.

Warped billboards announcing the start of Dreamland,

Fingerprint entry.

Gentle piano melody welcoming to the fiesta;

A thoughtful welcome drink, a hotdog cocktail;

Rules and walls scattered with writing, too complex and boring to digest;

Shattered pathways ending with putrid deadends;

Ashes of former thriving farmland;

Mangled signs directing to the pharmacy.

Perplex distortions of impoverished children, fed by princess robots;

Abandoned castles swamped by bright-coloured plastic;

Surrounded by despairing refugees drowning in contaminated water;

Roaring speaker declaring an unprecedented emergency;

Carnival of chaos.

Wriggling through the meaning and insights

Seeking freaky yet plausible solutions to the ongoing darkness,

Clues that point to the proper path,

Kaleidoscopic confusion;

Whispers from the soul

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About the Creator

Human 💎

Writing helps me dump the art that lives amongst the party of my mind.

Writing helps me share the lessons I've learned from being a human.

Writing helps me try and make sense of life which I am finding to be an endless adventure!

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