Just One Look

by Cheryl E 4 months ago in art

Shimmering silver

Just One Look

Glittering shimmering shining and new

Just once glance and I fell in love with you

Glamorous magnificent so pretty and bold

More precious to me than 14 carrot gold

Just one look and I was gone

You waited for me and I took you home

You winked nodded smiled and teased

I knew in an instant you were sure to please

We were an instant match a perfect fit

Quite a pair we are together we are it

You bewitch and bedazzle sparkle and tinkle

Nary a spot and not one wrinkle

I love how we look when together we flow

Others marvel at how you glisten and glow

Your sparkle enchants when seen from afar

The sun glistens upon you as though you are the star

Moon beams reflect your radiant essence

It's a joy to be in your presence

Your brilliance commands attention

When we’re together you always are mentioned

I’ll remain faithful loyal and true

You’re so much more than a pair of shoes

Shining silver a delight as you glimmer

Dazzling sparkling oh what a shimmer

How does it work?
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Cheryl E

Cherylhas been writing poetry and stories and poetry since age 12. She was also a newspaper columnists for 10 years. She is an advocate for natural cures and a licensed minister:

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