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Just For Tonight

A poem in the midst of feeling lust and desire

By Mikyah HendersonPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

I sometimes can’t shake that feeling late at night

That pulsing

That beating

That urge

That desire

Watching the clock taking away the seconds

making them vanish

Hoping that he answers to my three letter request since four letters are too much

Since four letters are too fast

Since four letters is just rushing into it

So let me savor this moment

Let me enjoy that feeling

Let me crave that touch

That tight grip closing in that riles me up to my core

Let me feel that warmth from eyes that are different than mine

Eyes that are darker but not taken by the darkness surrounding us

Envelope me in that security that I have been longing for

But only for tonight

Drown out the worries, the anxiety, the deadlines, drama, dilemmas

Give me that whisper that can snatch up the fears

Take away the loneliness

the doubt

the stress

the tears

I’ll trade them in for the rush

the desire

the new positions

Because once it’s all over

Once we’re both brought back to earth

Once I close my eyes and submit to slumber

I won’t be able to feel your warmth

Hear your heartbeat

Have a glimpse at you face

Because he'll be gone

With little to no words said

And let that lonely feeling be familiar to me once more


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Mikyah Henderson

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