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A poem meant to snuff out that toxic flame

By Mikyah HendersonPublished 4 years ago 1 min read
It's never easy to snuff out a flame, but when it hurts for so long, snuffing it out may be best

I thought it would be easy

But it seems like His test was much harder than most

I thought that flame would be quick to snuff out

Turns out that gaslight was burning

Why has it burned for such a long time?

Those flames were good to keep warm until burns start to form

3rd degree does not compare the number of tears and stress shed

Why did I let it keep burning? Why do I continue to let my heart suffer?

Many would say you are not done?

When is enough going to be enough for you?

Aren't you tired?

Why did you stay for so long?

Days turned to years and still no change

Questions asked for someone not willing to answer

Too many chances and continuously taken advantage

But that gaslight is still burning

Burning Hearts

Burning Trust

Burning chance after chance

Those 2 chances burned down to 3,300

Excuses kept that gaslight to burn

What are you waiting for?

Why let it burn for so long?

When will it realize your fed up?

That gaslight is still burning,

What will you do?

He is patiently waiting for your next try

He is waiting for you to snuff the light

It may be very tough especially when that gaslight was once a burning love

But now it's a burning pain

Enough is Enough

No more chances

Done with excuses

No more options

The only way to relieve yourself of the frustration

Simply and finally snuff that gaslight and subtract yourself from the toxic equation

slam poetry

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Mikyah Henderson

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