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Just Clinging On! eChapbook

Vocal Version 4 Poems by Chasey Delaney

By Chasey DelaneyPublished 3 months ago 2 min read
Just Clinging On! eChapbook
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Like a single leaf clings on to a stark naked branch of a tree in winter, a fragment of my lust holds on to the desert of your love looking at the mirage of your smile, and the ice snap wind in our ears and dusty doughnut dried juice stains on our clothes give way to where we've once been and the last bird born in the same tree with the ambitious leaf leans down toward us as we get closer to the end of everything.

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Something happened to me the other day which knocked me to my knees, it was then that I remembered you, scratching my legs against the undressed base of the bed, I scrambled around the rotting threads, dodging slivers of silver fish darting around the dirty carpet like rocket ships also like you. You fly off through the night. I was looking for the pin you lose, I found an old nose earring, a soggy cheesy Quaver and the corner off a condom packet. All this stuff you left behind yet no sign of that Star Wars badge so I guess I'll not get to see you again my friend. May The Force Be With You.

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This thing that I can't explain. I see all the red flags the same. I swear I kind of lied about them being pink. The whole infatuation was me pushing them aside, like the way you describe between my thighs, and I just tried and tried to rearrange my china tea cup back onto its saucer before the red mist came over. Before the rage became stronger. I am like that bull in a shop window chasing the man with the infallible flannel in my face. I don't get drawn to the red warning. I just see the flag like a rag that I want to wipe my dead red lips on. I see a man playing games that I'm not privy to and he knows he might get hurt. Not even thinking of the pain caused to me. I expect there'll be no white surrender waved any time soon.


Tomorrow I'll forget you again. I might go out do some shopping. The same the next day the next one and then maybe I'll write you a poem like this one. This one is for my loved ones. The one's who really would care if I dissapeared. The ones who would know my favourite things if I forgot them. Only there's one thing they know nothing of and I save that for you.

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Chasey Delaney

I am a relatively happy-go-miserable, female age 41 from Manchester, UK. I'm in a lifelong relationship triangle with my soulmate, myself and my schizophrenia. IG: chaseydelaney7. Sign up for a Free Email Newsletter: chaseyd.substack.com.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Fantastic!!! Love it!!!❤️❤️

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