Just a Dream

A Poem

Just a Dream

Staring down at the blade

Memories of You and I

Flash thru my mind

The Love, The Hate, The Pain,

As the tears fall from my sorrowful eyes

I make one last wish...

Picking up the glittering blade

I pray death comes fast.

Just as fast as your love came and went,

So many tears blind my vision

So many thoughts cloud my fragile mind

Now I say good-bye.

Slicing into my precious skin

I start to smile.

It takes the place of the incredible pain left in my heart.

The blood flows fast and warm

I close my eyes and wait to die.

No more wishes, not for me...

I open my eyes.

And wake from this dream.

That's all it was, just a dream

No blood, no scars, no death

Just a cold stale memory of you

The radiant sun shines bright: A renewed life begins soberly...


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Michelle Tiffany

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