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Joy's Embrace

Pursuit of Happiness

By M Anandaraj Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Joy's Embrace
Photo by Luis Machado on Unsplash

In search of happiness, we roam,

Through paths of life, so wild and vast,

But oftentimes, it's not a place,

But a feeling that we hold so fast.

It's in the moments we hold dear,

With laughter that echoes in the air,

With friends and family that we hold near,

And love that blossoms everywhere.

It's in the things that we create,

And the passions that we share,

The moments of joy that we await,

And the memories that we repair.

So let us hold onto what we find,

The happiness that lives inside,

And cherish every moment that we bind,

For it's the joy of life, we can't hide.

For happiness is all around,

In the air that we breathe,

It's the love that we've found,

And the joy that we receive.

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