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Jealous Of The Rain

An e(X) Series Poem

By Stephanie J. BradberryPublished 17 days ago 1 min read
Jealous Of The Rain
Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

He said he was jealous of the rain

It touched places he never could and never would

I imagined droplets springing from clouds as tears falling from his defeat

Literature taught me tears signaled sexual frustration

Life showed me tears highlighted intimate and sensual exploration

Every time a drop shimmies down my skin

I wonder if that is how his fingers would feel

I envy the rain that touches every corner of the earth

Returning above reborn, renewed waiting for the chance to absorb more

And disseminate accumulated tactile experiences

All I’m going to say is, Yes, this is based on a real life occurrence. I had an ex who used to sing “Jealous” by Labrinth. The lyrics are all too true of our long-distance relationship. This poem could definitely be longer, but I just don’t have the heart to go that far down memory lane. So I’ll honor the experience by letting this song do the rest of the heavy lifting.

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About the Creator

Stephanie J. Bradberry

I have a passion for literature and anime. And I love everything involving academia, health, metaphysics and entrepreneurship. During my free time I enjoy nature, crocheting, reading, my kiddos, and writing.

Visit me @ stephaniebradberry.com

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  • Novel Allen7 days ago

    An entire story within a few poignant and passionate words. This is where I found comfort pouring it all out in good, not so good and heartfelt stories. Writing the words is soul cleansing and a new beginning therapy. Let the emotions run free in your lovely words. The song is great, but find your own song, liberate and free your soul.

  • This was very beautiful Stephanie

  • Bex Jordan15 days ago

    Lovely and sad, I can relate ❤️

  • Your skillful execution of symbolism in associating tears with defeat, frustration, and exploration is admirable.

  • Scott Wade15 days ago

    Beautiful poem! 🥰

  • So, would you prefer we read into your tears or take them upon our fingers & place them on our lips? (I'm guessing that probably depends on who "we" is.)

  • Leslie Writes16 days ago

    Beautiful and pensive. 💖 Great work as always!

  • What a beautiful poem, so sad, so intimate, so honest. Really well done.

  • I like how you associate tears with defeat, frustration, and exploration. There's a good amount of symbolism in these few lines. Expertly executed.

  • Beth Sarah16 days ago

    This is stunning! Absolutely superb 👏👏👏

  • Shane Dobbie16 days ago

    Beautiful stuff.

  • Beautiful and evocative. Thanks for sharing

  • Wow that was fantastic. Such emotions explored in here, really made me think. I loved the way this flowed, excellent stuff.

  • This was so emotional! Your poem was so beautifully written. I loved the song!

  • Dana Stewart17 days ago

    This is quite beautiful Stephanie. I love the music too.

  • Loryne Andawey17 days ago

    Oh man. This is a truly intimate and vulnerable piece made more poignant with the addition of the song. This part resonated with me the most: "I envy the rain that touches every corner of the earth Returning above reborn, renewed waiting for the chance to absorb more And disseminate accumulated tactile experiences" If only we could feel where the rain has been. Well done!

  • Gina C.17 days ago

    I love how you did this. 🥹❤️ Amazing words, and the end note and the song really take the emotion to the next level ❤️

  • Love. Love. love 😍Thanks for sharing the video also❤️

  • JBaz17 days ago

    Oh Wow Stephanie... So beautiful and heartfelt at the same time.

  • Tiffany Gordon 17 days ago

    Phenomenal! So gorgeously crafted!

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