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Its easier when He's There...

A testimony to the fact that God exists, and if we make better choices, it leads to 'better things'

By Sarah DPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Its easier when He's There...
Photo by Léa Dubedout on Unsplash

Theres often a time in Life,

When we have to choose -

between what is right:

and what to lose.

There's often a time in Life,

When choices have to be made-

You can't have both;

its just a part of life's trade...

And Sometimes if you chose right

And not take too many risks

You might find that

The safety's shore is not too far from sight

There's often a time in Life

When one seeks The One,

And these hard choices:

seem a lot more Fun...


About the Creator

Sarah D

Short Stories/Poetry that will make you THINK a little bit about ~Life~ and Warm your heart! It's fictional content, but nice things usually brighten up the day! I want to BLESS others with what I write and be remembered for it too! Adieus

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  • Jazzy 6 months ago

    Yes to all of this ❤️🌟

  • This was so wonderful! I loved it!

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