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It’s not what you may think …

by CR. Phoenix 11 months ago in heartbreak · updated 10 months ago
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It’s not easy … not one bit

Photography by BellaSkye Creations

It’s not easy,

To wake up feeling empty each morn

It’s not easy,

That I’ve become tormented and torn

It’s not easy,

Not seeing her sweet face every day

It’s not easy,

Not hearing her giggle the hurt away

It’s not easy,

Each time I miss her embrace

It’s not easy,

Knowing how I’ve fallen so far from grace

It’s not easy,

To look into her beautiful brown eyes

It’s not easy,

Because they look exactly like mine

It’s not easy,

When the effort is lost every time I try

It’s not easy,

Because hate was built from a lie

It’s not easy,

To tell her things will get better someday

It’s not easy,

That today won’t be that day

It’s not easy,

To share how this all makes me feel

It’s not easy,

To bare my heart when I hold hers dear

It’s not easy,

Pretending to hold myself together, alone only to crumble

It’s not easy,

When absorbing the punches with a smile knocking me over, taking a tumble

It’s not easy,

To watch how quickly she’s grown and think about how many firsts I’ve missed

It’s not easy,

To spend another Father’s Day without my greatest joy to kiss

It hasn’t been easy, not one bit …

That my current affairs have had me going through some really tough shit


About the author

CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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