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Lost Pieces … Up Against Glass

by CR. Phoenix 11 months ago in heartbreak
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Another Man

Photograph by BellaSkye Creations

How can they expect me to offer the piece they need.

When all the pieces of me over my life have gone free.

They claw, scratch and bite, tooth, and nail.

If only I had the strength to fight this war inside and prevail.

Unsure are my decisions, long and hard I’ve fought the good fight.

But if this war wages any longer I certainly run the risk of loosing my might.

Eleven years this strain has tied me down, filling my heart with doubt, eating at my brain.

When you’re up against glass, be sure to tread lightly.

For if it should shatter, your actions won’t matter.

The shards will drive themselves deep inside, heavily, and steadily they’ll sink.

Invisible, it’s no wonder they linger, like thoughts that strike in your mind.

From the stories I’ve told and the lies I’ve fed.

It’s no wonder the heart still bleeds when it’s dead.

If a lie has been laid how can anything true be said.

You speak of a love unconditional but yet an offer rests on the table, the ultimatum, to choose one over another; I choose neither.

In the dark, I did hide, snuck around and broken, that wasn’t anyone’s fault but mine.

The burden of a coward, afraid to let go, a bleeding heart will eventually seal but the mistakes I’ve made will never heal.

I lost many parts of me somewhere along the way and I’m trying to get them back, somehow, someday.

My only wish was that I didn’t do this. Tearing those I love into pieces.

Pieces I can’t mend, not now or maybe not ever, but there’s only one outcome I can state and truly treasure, wishing you everything to come to be great.

I will continue on this journey try and learn from my errors, the more I find out about who I am, the better chance that maybe one day, I’ll be another man.


About the author

CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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