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It's not always easy being me

by D-Donohoe about a month ago in sad poetry
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When I don't always fit in

It's not always easy being me
Photo by Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis on Unsplash

It’s not always easy being me.

I can’t talk football; it doesn’t interest me.

Because of that, you push me aside.

Do you know my opinion still matters even though I don’t know who won on Sunday?

I am a nerd; these days they are cool,

But not where I work, not in this job that I do.

I hear the jibes you make about me.

I have thoughts on how to do things, but I’m an introvert,

I can’t yell over the top of you all.

You tell me I must speak up, but never tell others they should listen more.

I hear the negative and not the positive

At night I ruminate (even though you hate that word).

Black dog, fears, anxiety, feel like I’m drowning.

I try to learn to silence my own negative voice,

I try to build my confidence and speak up,

But it’s not always easy being me.

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Amateur storyteller, LEGO fanatic, leader, ex-Detective and human. All sorts of stories: some funny, some sad, some a little risqué all of them told from the heart.

Thank you all for your support.

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  • Heather Hubler6 days ago

    Wow, I loved that you put so much emotion into this! I think we can all relate a little to not fitting in no matter what kind of confidence we wear. Thanks for sharing, well done :)

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