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It's Her

She's the one

By TasmiaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
It's Her
Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash

I'm now crying

letting out the tears of yesturday

The ones that promised to torcher me

I tell them to stop

That its not right

But all they wanna do is fight

I argue with myself

The thoughts inside my head

I cry myself to sleep

Curling up in bead

The bruises of yeturday still stings

The more it heals the more it hurts

I'm dying here


While you look at me and smile

I can't remember when I had my last meal

You didn't even try to see how i would feel

You know I've been broken

Shattered and torn

I'm happy that your here

Living your best life

You've found your pearl

The one for you

I know you'll be good to her

I know you too well

She's beautiful and sweet

Hope you stick together

So that the pain is all worth it

So that I can look back on this day

And smile, like I haven't done in a while

I'm happy your happy

Wish I could say more

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