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it's always been

by Rory DeMaio 5 months ago in love poems

a love story between words & me

it’s always been

that words felt embroidered

on my skin

an upturned belly

held in the parenthesis

of mine

stamps blush-warm

(the quiet heat of presence)


a wicked smile

slung across the room

♢ ♢ you get it

stopstop! tasted like a palm-covered, garnet laugh


i nearly slipped

on the slickness

of surreal,

gingerly testing

a rising lump of dreamt locutions

i even hear

the texture

of dappled:

it dots its tiny feet

across a dusky room,

picking a pet slice

of life

every several inches

it can be saffron

,or moonfall grey

but every time,

i sense the imprints of transferred touch

my brain thumbing over the pattern

of words

♢ ♢ (worlds?)

i hold


love poems

Rory DeMaio

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Rory DeMaio
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