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By: Mahenow

By M PervezPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Like the waves of water, you vanish and transform our existence into memories.

You widen your lap like the waves, to cover and then to crush are being.

You lure are appearance to steal are soul.

You spread your feathers to shadow our lives.

You follow the path of the Waves

Steady and smooth, with the noise of grief

You hold our being in your arms.

Close to your heart of reality, far from the body of life

You snatch the flame of light, burning in our flesh.

You darken the brightness of many paths.

To brighten a star in the sky

You are bearing the blood of Satan and curse of God

Assault are happy places with the weapon of sorrows.

You took him, far from my site.

You washed his existence, leaving the patches of Memories behind

You become the cruel wave

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