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Is It Me or What I See?

Do you see what I see?

By Jaecub MatthewsPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Top Story - September 2017

I see ignorance within the races.

Ignorance within elemental places.

Like we think the act is what makes us popular with our peers.

But more so, I see it as a way of hiding our fears.

Is it me or am I calling it how I see?

For we fear not that we are inadequate,

but the fact that we are powerful beyond measure, that's the quote that

holds true to all.

Yet we can't seem to act like Berlin and bring down the retaining walls.

Is it me or am I calling it how I see?

We sacrifice knowledge for an act approved by others,

yet, in the end we strive to be smarter than our sisters and brothers?

Why do we deceive ourselves with false assumptions and ways?

When will we realize that our powers are greater if we unite and throw

ignorance away?

Still is it me or am I calling it how I see?

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About the Creator

Jaecub Matthews

Been writing for as long as I an remember. Some of my writings emit darkness and despair. Others, are positive and upbeat. Writing, much like the smell of freshly burned cordite, is my therapy and coping mechanism.

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