International Women's Day Poem

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International Women's Day Poem

Every girl I know has been sexually harassed

They should be complimented

Instead they're attacked

Most guys shrug it off

The first way they react

But for me that's not right

Because it's time to face facts

That one day we're all gonna have daughters

And one day they're gonna face that

And you'll look on powerless

And won't know how to react

Perhaps you'll say the kids lost their way

Tell your crying daughter tomorrow's another day

But tomorrow she will never be the same

As she was yesterday

So today should be the day

That we find a way to end the treatment

And bereavement of the special women around us

The solutions surround us

Somehow the answer's haven't found us

But today should be the day

That we find a way

To end this pain

And change for our friends

Partners sisters and daughters

Because the last thing I want to see

When I have my kids

Is to live through this again

Through my daughter's eyelids.

Ben Parker, 8/3/19

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