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by Cwyn Glenn 4 years ago in inspirational
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Don't you just love life?

The Way I See You

You’re a crystalline appearance, so beautiful yet crude, like the satisfaction of a perfect bead of blood.

The way you act, feeding into the way you look, your elegance as well rounded as your opinion on life.

Your words, their magnificent way of shaping the world, twisted into artistic spirals of deep and un-encouraged though, not judgmental, gentle, but strong.

Never backing down, your opinion is there, ever present and not shy about how you feel, making what you think seem righteous, luring others into your point of view.

Your eyes, as deep and as wise as the oldest owl in the night, piercing, not cold, but careful, unraveling divine stories yet to be told.

As I fall deeper into your fierce gaze, I realize I don’t know your full story, don’t know all of the pain behind those beautiful eyes.

All the stories untold, the events yet to unfold, all of the good and bad that I’ve never seen, all of the adventures yet to be heard

As I’m wrapped in your arms, I feel pieces of these stories untold, strength in parts of you, but softness in places it matters

Different people impacting your life, the creatures, all different, never ceasing to creep into your thoughts, into your mind

Still, you move on, everstrong, ever growing, beautiful, perfect, all just right, in the way that I see You

The Power of an Image

You’re a mystical creature, something I’ve never seen before

Something beautiful but hidden, afraid of the world

In your perfect features, you seem to find flaws

Your personality, you say is ugly and raw

You’re a perfect person, I don’t understand how you don’t see

The winding and magnificent art you don’t let others read

You hide your face from all that exists

A disguise you keep up, but sometimes it slips

When I finally get to see you for you

I realize all you have said isn’t true

I’ll show you this, I’ll give you a wink

You don’t have the flaws that you seem to think

I see your face and smile, every time

I’ll show this to you, not in pictures, but rhyme

I know you don’t think that you’re among the best

But to me, you’re much better than the rest

You try to be different, and to arrange

Yourself, but I would never want you to change

Despite what you think, there’s people who care

We are always here, and willing to share

The true kindness that we know you should have

The ability to make you smile and laugh

I would love to make you understand

I want you to be happy, I’ll keep holding your hand

I’m not going to disappear, or treat you like crap

I think we both know that I’m not like that

I’ll write to you, show you my real and true colours

The things I tell you, I’ve never told others

The way I am able to speak to you now

Leaves even me wondering, just why and how

I don’t talk to people, don’t trust what they do

But with you, it’s something completely new

I’m speaking my voice, letting it be heard

I am teaching the new things, yet to be learned

I don’t know what it is about this feel

I just know that it’s so completely real

Timing and image did not help me see

The real person you’re striving to be

But now that I’ve gotten to know you some more

I know that I’ll keep the promise, to you that I swore

I won’t let you down, I won’t let you go

These are all things that I want you to know

You may not think that you are the best

But to me, my darling, you’re better than the rest

Darkness Can't Have Me

Dark paths, shadows creeping in

Suffocating, darkening, terrifying

A road destined to be followed

And no possible way to break free

The allure is terrifying but beautiful

The artistic spirals in which it works

Covering me, a sickeningly warm embrace

Leaving gorgeous yet dark trails

Scars left unseen but not undone

The darkness pauses for a time

Breath fills my lungs, I laugh in joy

A moment of peace in the hell of this place

The dark closes in once again

Closer than before, clawing at my throat

Tightening its grasp, leaving gashes and cuts

The pain, truly unbearable now

For the first time in years, I cry

The darkness doesn’t mind, tightening still

I cry out as it yanks away love

Leaves a gushing tear in my heart

Finally, it’s over and I laugh

Tears streaming down my face

The pain is still there, but I am no longer

Forced to pay attention to it, to feel it

The dark first takes great interest

In my lack of acknowledging it

Thinking it’s just some sort of game

That I’m daring it to push me further

But, as I picture my life, just like it is

The positives, instead of focused

On the darkness tearing everything away

It loosens it’s grip, unsure how I’ve done it

The light is stronger than what the dark’s done

The amount of love tops the hate

Once thinking the dark was beautiful, it’s nothing

Not compared to the light, it’s brilliant gleam

Clawing again, the dark tries to make another mark

But it’s twisted claws can no longer do damage

The scars heal, skin sews itself back together

The light pushing the dark away again

Dark paths, but light skies

Interesting, painful, but glorifying

A road with a beautiful end

Can’t break free, but easy to beat

I Am a Woman

I’m a woman

I’ve got long hair

I paint my nails

I’ve got curves

I’m a woman

But that gives no excuse

To anyone

To disrespect or shame me

Your painful voices awaken

The monsters in my mind

The torment goes on and on

The agony returns in increased proportions

I swore I wouldn’t let the ghouls

Defeat me, I’d win this

Still, their attacks break through

Seep through the cracks in my walls

Spitting venomous darts at my core

Ripping the personality away

Muting my once loud and strong voice

Nearing the point of victory, the

Monsters press on, harder than ever before

But I think back, I am a woman

I’m not your views of me

Your monsters cannot defeat me

I am a strong woman and

I will move on, I will stay strong

Though I don’t have you

I’ve got my own people

I’ve got ones whom I love

But most of all, I’ve got myself

My strength

My wisdom

My appearance

Just, me

To Lead

Beautiful words

Broken hearts

New Made chords

And sincere art

Strange new love

So sweet, not tart

It’s time for me

To play the part

To be the leader

Display the chart

Lead my people

Strong from the start

Who I Am

I stand for what's right

People try to tell me not to

But then I can't sleep at night

I focus on what's right and true

You think it's okay to make fun

To stand there and point the gun

Shoot through someone's feelings

Despite the impossibility of healing

Knives cut through his heart

Tearing, slitting, gashing

They takes turns tearing him apart

Cutting him down without asking

The wrecking ball slams into her

Shattering everything she believes in

There was once a day where she was sure

Now life's got her beaten, pinned

I'm told to focus on myself

I get why you say those words

But what's really good for my health?

Seeing people harm others hurts

Look, I understand why

You don't want me to cry

But there are things you don't get

You don't want me to be a target

But I need to stand up for what I believe

So I don't have to watch those I love grieve

There are people who can't possibly stand up

Who are already broken and beaten down

They shouldn't be asking why they aren't enough

I want them smiling, not full of frowns

It's a hard world to live in

People don't treat me right

They say I'm full of sins

Though all they do is fight

If I am sinning, by being me

Then I want all of them to see

I don't care that I'm a sinner

My love's outer, not inner

If I can help people who don't have a voice

Then that will give my life purpose

I get your worry, but this is my choice

To show every person that they are not worthless

You and I

You make me happier than you know

Just talking to me every day

You are unique, so different, so sweet

Makes me so happy in every way

You do things so strangely

Never seen someone like you before

You play with fire, never getting burned

I come back, always for more

I was so distant, no one could see

Stayed by myself, always alone

I never trusted, didn’t talk, not myself

But not obvious, no one did know

I met you, it’s different, and strange

You made me happy, to feel once more

I didn’t know what to do or say

I’ve been changed like never before

Don't Judge Me

You think you have the right to judge

You make fun of people for

Who they are

What the do

What they love

That isn’t your right

Putting people down to lift yourself

People are people

We all have feelings

We all have a heart


Not everyone’s heart is kind

Everyone is a person

And they deserve

To be treated as such

Not put down

Not bullied

Not hurt

Because they’re being

Who they are

Stand up to that

Accept everyone for who they are

If they have a kind a heart

And teach those who don’t have a kind heart

To change themselves

Help them love themselves

Love others

So no one is bullied

For who they are

So they don’t feel the need

To take their own life

Or hurt themselves

Because this world is so


Be kind

Be passionate

Have a good heart

And love freely

Accept everyone

For who they are

And don’t try to change them

To fit your mold

The Hit That Taught The Lesson

Once you hit her, you can’t take it back

She remembers it for a long time

You’ve made her feel like she’s been attacked

You don’t see those times she’s crying

That time she laid there, feeling too numb

Like she doesn’t matter to anyone

You’ve made her feel broken and dumb

Like many other girls, she wants to be done

All this can happen because of one simple hit

One touch, one slap on her beautiful body

Stings on her skin ever since she was a kid


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