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Inside Of Me


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Inside of me is a demon who hides behind my lungs.

He lies in wait to seal my fate to where the innocent are hung.

He drinks my blood and gnaws my bones.

And reminds me daily that I am all alone.

But I don't have to be alone.

He could be my friend.

And the pain would end.

Of course, there would be a price, something to sacrifice.

Something that I hold dear.

Something to ensure the fear.

Inside of me is a ghost posing as my soul.

He drifts within, creating sin while gaining more control.

He clouds my vision and fills my air.

And reminds me hourly why he is there.

But the words he speaks may not be fact.

No witness has proved him right when truths of him lack.

He drowned in the blood that the demon had drunk.

So now the demon owns my soul before into hell I had sunk.

sad poetry

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Paul Crocker

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