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Ink Drops


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Each of us have a story to tell.

Whether it be one of heaven or one of hell.

Each one is as important as the next.

And with our pens is how we express.

We all leave our ink drops on the page like footprints in the sand.

In a desperate attempt for the world to understand.

A letter declaring love or a confessional of sin.

Everyone has a point to make hidden within.

Each one should be written down even if it is not read.

We'll only regret it if we are not doing so when we are dead.

We all let our ink drops swirl into the clear waters that try to cleanse.

But all we are doing is blurring the focus of life's lens.

If the words are put down, it masks the initial emotion.

But in its reading, you can see the devotion.

No mocking laughs or the wetness of a tear.

But you can feel the wording is more than sincere.

We all splash our ink drops onto a blank canvas.

In a wishful hope that their message will last.

surreal poetry

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Paul Crocker

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