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Insecure Girl

feelings of not being good enough

By T.H.Published 9 months ago 1 min read

She never felt that she was enough

all the other girls, they seemed so tough.

Her emotions were wild

others seemed mild

she'd yell and scream

was she looking to be seen?

Never told she was smart

surely, they had a better start

the beauty in others

everyone was better.

All that she wanted was to be enough

although she knew, she was pretty rough.

To be like the girls who didn't care

to be the pretty one, that someone stared

but her life was a joke

she'd learned rather young

she wouldnt be that girl

unless in a fairytale.

They'd have to be strong

to love her very long

she'd closed her heart off

there was no point to be soft

the few that did want to stay

she'd screw up and push them away

a dragons den is where she should lay.

sad poetry

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I’m just me, I don’t really write a lot,not that great at it, but sometimes I enjoy it. :)

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  • Becky James9 months ago

    Keep writing! I'm fairly certain that 95% of all girls feel like this sometime in their life. It can be devastating if you think you're alone. Love you!

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