by Cassiie Etienne about a year ago in surreal poetry

Uncontrollable Hunger


I crave a different kind of hunger,it’s uncontrollable.

It’s messing with me, it’s messing with my mind.It’s essential to my being.

I can't seem to get a grip on it.

Hello, I am, thirst, hunger.I am, all those suppressed thoughts

I am the universe inside your eyes,where the moon and stars hide.

You have worlds inside of you,all the places I want to see.

Sometimes I feel like I can't reach them.And sometimes I dream,

One day you tell yourself it will happenwhatever it is...

Cause all this right nowIs not filling me,

Not at all.

- Written on March 21, 2016, Edited on Sept 1, 2018

surreal poetry
Cassiie Etienne
Cassiie Etienne
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Cassiie Etienne

28 years old. I have been writing for as long as I could remember. For some reason writing was the only way I could express myself when I was younger and it still is one of the best ways I express myself.

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