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Innocence of the Innocent

by Thor Grey about a month ago in sad poetry

(For all those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting on December 14th, 2012)

Innocence of the Innocent

December 14, 2012

Simple, and so complex

Simple and yet

It can’t be recreated

It can’t be substantiated

Innocence, is a treasured state of mind

A place where no one is inclined

To do any harm to any other creature

Innocence, is such an admirable feature

And when it is lost, or rather taken,

I feel quite odd, but I’m just outspoken,

To say I desire the title of hero,

Just a sword and shield to borrow

I want to save the innocents

Who’ve otherwise lost their innocence

I need to make my time worthwhile

Like walk in their footprints for a mile

Can’t let their deaths go by unnoticed, forgotten

Lest we ourselves become so decayed, rotten

While we cannot change the past, it’s done

We can shape the future started, it’s begun

Then I learn, I realize

That to innocent little eyes

A hero isn’t who wins a fight

But one who merely does what’s right

It’s innocence that teaches us, do a good deed

It’s innocence that reaches us in times of need

It’s innocence that stables us with roots so deep

It’s innocence that we forever yearn to keep

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Thor Grey
Thor Grey
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Thor Grey

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