Incapable of Loving? Or Just No Good

by Lina Sala 2 years ago in heartbreak

A Poem for Everyone I've Hurt

Incapable of Loving? Or Just No Good

I think I'm incapable of loving;

I think that I have come to accept that hurt is inevitable,

I hurt unconsciously,

I think that I only serve to distinguish you,

but I promise it is not the role I chose,

and I'm sorry,

I think the thought of being loved is too foreign,

my head is still filled with the fights,

the constant shouting,

there is no room for you,

love is,

Love is?

Or it may be I'm just no good,

no good at giving you all that you deserve, see

you deserve so much,

you beautiful human, you kind soul, I'm sorry

I'm no good at this.


Lina Sala
Lina Sala
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Lina Sala
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