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In the veins of valor


By Mayur Published 5 months ago 1 min read
In the veins of valor
Photo by Lukas Tennie on Unsplash

In the heart's deep cavern, a blood cell brave,
Coursed through veins, an endless wave.
A tiny warrior in a crimson sea,
Bound by duty, to set the spirit free.

Through arteries, he danced with grace,
A life force's journey, an eternal chase.
In a vessel vast, the vessel of man,
He embraced the task, a noble plan.

Yet, the body's battlefield, a war untold,
A silent struggle, as the tale unfolds.
Disease crept in, a shadowy foe,
The blood cell fought, a relentless woe.

In capillaries narrow, he faced despair,
A valiant effort, beyond compare.
Against the invaders, he held his ground,
A guardian red, in silence profound.

But the enemy persisted, a relentless tide,
The blood cell struggled, unable to hide.
A battle fought in shadows and gloom,
Within the vessel, a desperate room.

As the body weakened, the cell stood strong,
A symphony of struggle, a haunting song.
Through the veins, a last dance played,
A farewell waltz, in twilight's shade.

The man, his host, felt the ebbing flow,
Yet, the blood cell fought, a final glow.
In sacrifice profound, a hero's tale,
A blood cell's courage, beyond the veil.

And in the quiet of the body's rest,
The blood cell whispered, "I did my best."
For in every heartbeat, a story spun,
Of a cell's journey, and a battle won.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    This was such a powerful poem! I loved it!

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