In the streets

Is where we meet

In the streets
Photo by Sebastian Estrada on Unsplash

In the streets is where we meet , your hair is flowing in the breeze.

Your eyes sparkle In the light , creating the moon to shine so bright.

Your voice is soft and sweet , knocking me off of my feet.

How could this even be , when we are meeting in the streets.

People circle around us , creating a wall to surround us.

Thinking this is beautiful to see two strangers meeting in the streets.

Now the night is about to end , even though we just began.

How could two perfect strangers show each other that there will never be an end.

He kisses her on the cheek and says “I’m glad we met in the streets”.

She left with a smile that will last for a while.

They will soon meet again one more night in the streets.

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Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin
Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin
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Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin

I am a mother of 4 children , I enjoy writing poems in my spare time. My goal is to become an author and have all of my poetry published in a book.

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