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In the Quiet

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By R.O.A.R.Published about a year ago 1 min read
In the Quiet
Photo by Jenny Huang on Unsplash

Here, in the quiet,

I am safe and alone.

Though, I can’t see in the dark

Everything around me is calm.

Even without the sun, I’m warm,

But creeping along my spine there is cold.

I try to ignore the cold.

It hasn’t bothered me in the quiet.

I focus instead on keeping warm,

And not be bothered that I’m alone.

I tell my heart to remain calm,

But my mind makes up things in the dark.

Creeping, crawling shadows in the dark,

Like claws made of ice, they try to make me cold.

It’s okay, I say to stay calm.

There’s nothing here and all is quiet.

I am safe and alone.

Nothing to do but stay warm.

But my head can’t focus on anything warm.

Instead, it follows the dark.

Am I safe and alone?

I shiver at the cold.

There are now whispers in the quiet,

And I find it very hard to stay calm.

Hush, I say, be at peace and be calm.

But there is nothing to keep me warm,

And things are no longer quiet.

I can’t see them in the dark.

But they’re here and they’re cold.

There is no safety, just me, alone.

I hate being alone!

I have no reason to be calm!

There is just me and cold,

There has never been anything warm!

Something is waiting for me in the dark

I can hear it if I’m quiet.

How could you leave me alone in this miserable world of violent quiet?

Without your presence, I can’t stay calm, and I’m afraid of the dark…

I hate being cold and without you, I’ll never be warm.

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High school English teacher who enjoys writing as a hobby. I do hope to get published one day, but for now I'm just having fun and hoping to learn some new tricks.

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