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In the name of staying Alive.

Nature poetry.

By Vichaar Published 28 days ago 1 min read
In the name of staying Alive.
Photo by Ekaterina Novitskaya on Unsplash

now it's morning

But it is as quiet as a crematorium

nor the cuckoo's cuckoo

no chirping of birds

no cock crows

looks like this in the morning too

Like he's not alive

She just wants to stay alive.

It grows slowly, it moves forward in the morning

which it does in the morning and afternoon

There are many sounds in it

But these voices make curious noises

Their voices are not there in this

Which turns this morning into afternoon.

This caravan of noise moves forward

where the noise is less

But even in this noise

nor the trickle of waterfalls

Neither do insects nor insects make sounds.

Just in this noise, even in the evening

The name of being alive is evening.

evening is also falling

and it gets dark too

But where is night in this darkness?

No frog croaking

Nor does it have the faint glow of fireflies

not to be afraid - to scare

The sound of a fox-jackal is

Owls are no longer visible at night

Now it gets dark

night is in the name of night

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of these thoughts that human has become the most important species in the world, it is these thoughts that have made man the son of God or the son of Satan, therefore whatever your thoughts may be, they are important.
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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran28 days ago

    Oooo, this was so deep! Loved your poem!

  • Amazing poem! Well written!

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