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In the Mistimed Morning Hours


In the Mistimed Morning Hours

In the mistimed morning hours

Your doom became your fate,

As the very thing you loved

became the only thing you feared

The witching hour reckoned;

serendipity revered.

Sweet words becoming carnal-

With a lover's curse

Company of fools now—becomes the company of wolves

Seducing libertines converse.

Even a trickling stream

hath raised to mighty raging flow.

The kindest souls upon the earth

have thoughts that evil knows.

Freshly fallen snow turns black

into a semi-solid slurry.

Don't haste, act now because

temperatures a worry.

Reconcile now,

Before it is too late.

I am encapsulating hearts

while whispering their fate.

A festive, sinful banquet

Awaits after this test-

I did not settle,

or accept defeat as my demise—

Triumphant in my quest!

Singers chanting dirges

As your grief was setting in-

I await amid your mourning

I recall existing where she's been.

Baiting breath upon the guillotine,

Waiting for a plea--

Don't miscalculate this moment

You've always belonged with me.

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