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In realms where starlight softly weaves

In realms where starlight softly weaves

By Shirsendu ChakmaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
In realms where starlight softly weaves
Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

In realms where starlight softly weaves,

And whispers dance upon the breeze,

There blooms a love that never leaves,

In hearts entwined with gentle ease.

In your eyes, the moonlight gleams,

Reflecting dreams we dare to share,

In every smile, a universe teems,

With love that fills the silent air.

Your touch, a symphony of grace,

Awakens melodies in my soul,

In your embrace, I find my place,

Where broken pieces find console.

Like petals kissed by morning dew,

Our love unfolds in tender light,

In every moment spent with you,

My world transforms, pure and bright.

Through trials faced and storms endured,

Our bond grows stronger, deep and true,

In every challenge, love assured,

With you, my heart forever anew.

So let us journey hand in hand,

Through valleys low and mountains high,

Together, we'll forever stand,

Bound by love that never shall die.

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Shirsendu Chakma

I want to see you with my two eyes 💔😢😭

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