In Daylight She Smiles

by Sophie 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem

In Daylight She Smiles

On the surface a girl,

but a monster inside.

Her ego too big,

she has too much pride.

In daylight she smiles,

in moonlight she cries.

She ruined her life

without knowing why.

I just want to dance,

be wild and free,

but I have too much pain

stuck inside of me.

I want to be a hero,

I want to do good,

but I don't know if I can.

I don't know if I should.

She knows her potential.

She could be great

if she came out from behind

all the fear and the hate.

This loneliness has usurped me

and come in between

me and my desires,

my hopes and my dreams.

sad poetry
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