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In an enchanted wood

Poetry story about a enchanted wood

By Daniel HooksPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Autumn leaves of the enchanted wood

In an enchanted wood,

which has to be seen to be understood,

owls howl,

wolves growl

and yet we all seem to dream about this forest.

In daydreams and in all walks of life, of fairies nature’s florists

of tree spirits called dryads, which talk through their branches

Life moves, talks, sways and dances.

Spiders hide in shadows with stories to tell

In the deep and dark their numbers swell

the ghosts of men slumber in the winters breeze

their old coughs hang on the wind as it begins to freeze.

In spring nature is reborn anew

the greenery bursts forth and grew

and by summer it’s roots

bears all types of exotic fruit

which is eaten in turn.

The sun feeds leaves, a sun which is far away enough not to burn

In the river the new fish learn

to swim up stream

the wood’s guardians watch in prophetic dreams.

The wolves keep nature’s balance

the lord of the forest calls for their counterbalance

he knows they rule wisely

but he knows they could take over his eyes be

ever watchful as they are wiley

he believes

but he is deceived as they are loyal

by the magpies which peck at his soil

who tell lies because they want the wolves treasure and gifts

yet plainly the magpies are not always to be trusted and cause rifts

where ever they go they can also give good omens as we know

for the forest is enchanted and all creatures speak and follow.

The Lord of the forest sits in his gnarled throne

waiting for his lover to return

but she was lost to the earth

killed by a conniving wizard who was their adopted son from birth

who used to fear all the creatures near and far.

He was bewitched by the jewels underneath the forest earth.

Envious of their power and worth.

By Daniel Hooks

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About the Creator

Daniel Hooks

A poet, activist and story teller who currently battles with a severe mental health problem.

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