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In a Garden, Hushed and Still

Twilight Whispers. Magic in the Moonlit Garden

By Edison AdePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Beauty in a Garden. © Buzzedison

In a Garden, hushed and still,

Where the dew clings to the daffodil,

Secrets whispered by the breeze,

Tales unfold amidst the trees.

A robin red, with a chest so bright,

Sings a song in the fading light,

Nature’s Choir in the Twilight sings,

In the realm where silence rings.

The moon ascends, a ghostly sphere,

Casting shadows, far and near,

Stars, like diamonds, in the sky,

Whisper secrets from on high.

Here, in this realm where legends dwell,

Stories of magic silently swell.

In this garden, where time stands still,

Dreams and wonders the air do fill.

In this place of dreams and lore,

Time stands still, forevermore,

In a garden, hushed and still,

Magic lingers, and always will.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Edison Ade

I Write about Startup Growth. Helping visionary founders scale with proven systems & strategies. Author of books on hypergrowth, AI + the future.

I do a lot of Spoken Word/Poetry, Love Reviewing Movies.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was so stunning and mesmerising! Loved your poem!

  • PK Colleran3 months ago

    Beautiful magical words and picture. 💙

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